The MBA degree is a professional degree designed for individuals interested in employment in general management positions in the vast arena of the business sector. The program is a structured one that exposes students to each of the functional areas of business with specialization in one or more majors. The AIUB MBA combines a solid foundation in the core areas of business with the ability to specialize in a functional major. An MBA from AIUB will provide students with the broad based management skills required to be successful in today’s cross functional business environment and the depth of specialization needed to hit the ground running.

The courses focus on general management concepts and practical applications. Particular emphasis is placed on application of business concepts to real-world problems. Students regularly work in teams designed to replicate the cross-functional environment found in the business world. The management of technology, social responsibility and international perspectives are woven throughout the curriculum.

Employers seek out AIUB MBA graduates because they have a depth of experience to contribute in the work place immediately, along with a breadth of knowledge to handle increasing responsibility as their careers develop.

MBA courses can be divided into two groups: core and electives. There are 16 core courses designed to give basic skills that all future leaders in business should have. It also imparts a common language, so everyone can communicate about whatever area they are involved with. It is a shared experience in that it draws students closer; whatever their area of focus. The elective courses from the chosen major allow students to gain a high level of sophistication in defined venues. A student can choose to pursue one or more than one majors in his/her MBA program.


The concentrations are:


• Accounting

• Agribusiness

• Economics
• Finance
• Human Resource Management (HRM)
• Management
• Management Information System (MIS)
• Marketing
• Operations Management (OM)