Office of Students Affairs (OSA)

The Office of Students Affairs (OSA), ABU


To build a constructive positive image of AIUB by proper enhancement of internal and external student activities and to maintain effective coordination among student community, administration and academic body of AIUB.


The overall activities of the student affairs department are divided in two major areas of operations.

1. External Activities

  •  National & international Competitions
  •  Student Exchange Programs
  •  Membership
  • Community Service
  •  Event Participation
  •  Collaboration and Liaison with External Organizations

2. Internal Activities

  •  Admission
  • Convocation Ceremony and Graduation Ball
  • Student Orientation
  • Non-academic Counseling for Students
  • Students’ Discipline
  • Student Services and Facilities
  • Student Organizations
  • Students’ Suggestions and Complains
  • Festival Celebration
  • Students’ extra-curricular activities and competitions
  • Scholarships (Extra Curricular Activities)
  • Event Organization
  • Student Volunteers
  • In-campus student events/ campaigns of corporate organizations