Research Centers

The goal of Research Center is to encourage, conduct and publicize research. Four interrelated components of RC are:

1.     Academic Research:
The following specific activities are designed under academic research:

  •  The BIABEIT Annual Conference: Bangladesh International Academy of Business, Economics and Information Technology (BIABEIT), a wing of PDP, holds annual conference where academics and practitioners present their research in the areas of Business, Economics, Information Systems, Environmental Management, etc. (List of Papers of BIABEIT Conference, 2003)
  •  Journal: The bi-annual AMBAN Journal, International Review of Business & Economics (IRBE), publishes refereed articles in the areas of Business & Economics. (List of Papers)
  •  Seminar: Learning is greatly enhanced by bringing theoretical knowledge and application together. In order to improve understanding of practical issues of our students and faculty, four to eight interactive seminars are held in each semester. The Back to Topics of the seminars include business practices in Bangladesh, contemporary economic and social issues, global events, etc.
  • Case Development: Faculty members are encouraged to work with companies to develop cases that can be used in the classroom. This contributes towards a more effective learning process at AMBAN.


2.     Consultancy:
This serves to improve teaching quality of faculty members by enhancing their practical knowledge. This service is provided for various types of organizations including domestic and multinational companies, government entities, NGOs and other donor organizations.

3.     Database:
The objective of creating database is to help faculty and students in their research activities. These include financial statements of publicly traded companies, stock prices, etc.

 4.  Research Funds and Grants:

PDP plans to build a database containing details of various sources of research funds and grants. The objective is to encourage and help AMBAN faculty members to materialize their research plans with financial and institutional support. This also creates opportunities for student to be involved in research activities.


Believing in the worth of the individual, America Bangladesh University promotes shared commitment; hence, all students will be given responsibility for their own growth. Objective research is one of most powerful means of self development for both teachers and students. American Bangladesh University established America Bangladesh University Biotechnology Park, and a Research Testing and Consultation (RTC) under process.

America Bangladesh University Biotechnology Park is field and natural laboratory for creating job opportunity in Research, Testing and Consultation for the teachers, professionals and students through pilot and manufacturing projects on the 30acres of land acquired for the university.

List of America Bangladesh University Biotechnology Park Activities

  • Tissue Culture
  • Cultivation and Processing of Herbs
  • Bio Fertilizer
  • Animal Breeding and Fattening
  • Fish and other Aquatic Products


Business Assistance Center

The Business Assistance Centre is a full-service business development program that provides management and technical assistance to existing and start-up business as well as leadership and assistance toward economic development efforts within.  A small business counselor is a available to help the owner develop a business plan or Marketing plan and also conduct different market based research, testing and feasibility study.

Research Support   

Biotechnology Park and RTC support the University's research activity and also acts as a catalyst to commercialize the University's research base.


They support the development of all research grant proposals and provide academic staff with a comprehensive range of pre-award support services.


  •   Research Funding
  •   Training and Development
  •   Information Services
  •   Guideline and Code of Practice